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Welcome to Symbi. We are a woman-run, mission driven company that believes in naturopathic health and herbal medicine as a form of healing. We're passionate about creating blends that benefit your mind, body, and soul. And we are glad you're here.

"When I’m feeling slightly anxious, I love that I can make some of the Anxi-Tea in my favorite mug to remind myself it’ll all be ok. Love Symbi teas!"

– Carolyn H.

"I take two cups of this tea every day without fail and this has helped my PCOS tremendously. Whenever I went to the doctor to check my testosterone it had actually gone down!"

– Karen M.

"I can’t say enough about this tea. I actually love all of them but leaky gut has been my favorite by far. I have suffered with heartburn, and took Prilosec for years until I started drinking this tea in December 2022. I’m happy to say I have been off of Prilosec for over a year now thanks to leaky gut blend. My issues with heartburn, which used to be significant happen very rarely now, and I am not on any medication for it any longer, which was very important to me."

– Jody Y.

"The cycle harmony has helped my periods. The anxi tea has helped with my anxiety. My liver is feeling more supported and my sleep has also improved! I will definitely be buying more!"

– Victoria J.

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