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Are The Tea Blends Organic?

Yes, all of our herbs are 100% organic.

Where Do The Herbs Come From?

We partner with organic farms all across the world. Our herbs mainly come from Egypt, India, Italy, and the United States. 

Can I Mix The Tea Blends?

Yes you can combine tea blends. We suggest drinking them separately

Why Do The Bags Say 2oz and 4oz? 

We had an issue with our manufacturer and they printed oz sizing on the bags, despite it just being by serving size. So even though it says "2oz" it is not by weight, just by serving size. So each 2oz bag contains 15 servings and each 4oz bag contains 20 servings. 

Can I Drink The Tea Cold?

Yes! We love a cold infusion, especially in the summer months. You have a few different options with this method. One option is making sun tea. This is when you place your herbs in a glass jar with warm water and place them in the sun. The sun will help warm the water and pull the properties out. The second option is placing the herbs in a mug or glass container and adding hot water and then putting it in the fridge to cool.

Can I Drink The Daily Hydration Blend If Breastfeeding or Pregnant? 

When it comes to pregnancy and breastfeeding, making a decision regarding herbal teas is personal. There is not a ton of research on the topic for obvious reasons - not wanting to test on pregnant women! You absolutely do not want to drink this blend in your first trimester, the other ones should be discussed with your birthing professional. 

The Daily Hydration blend can be great for breastfeeding because it is a multi-mineral hydrating infusion.

Nettle - increases iron

Red raspberry leaf - rich in B group vitamins and vitamins C and E, also includes calcium, magnesium and zinc

Oatstraw - eases anxiety, restlessness, irritated skin (rich in magnesium)

Hibiscus - packed with antioxidants

Most of the herbs in this blend are deemed pregnancy safe, but chamomile is the iffy one. When it comes to chamomile, the opinion on it being pregnancy safe is different depending on the herbalist or doctor you are asking. So this is where you should discuss with your birthing professional. 


How do I consume the tinctures?

You can take the tinctures by dropping the liquid into your mouth and under your tongue, or by adding it to liquid. Some will combine the tinctures with our teas, or just add the tinctures to a few ounces of water, juice, etc.

What time should I take the tinctures?

You can take Liver Support+ at any time, but we suggest taking Mushroom Immune Support and Mushroom Brain Blend in the morning.

Why are some of the tinctures sweet and others not?

You might notice a sweeter taste to the Mushroom Immune Support and Liver Support+, as the vegetable glycerin adds a naturally sweet flavor.

What is the difference between a tincture and extract?

We use different extraction methods based on whats best for the ingredients. But for definition sake:

Tinctures: concentrated herbal liquids that use alcohol to extract properties from the herbs.

Extracts: concentrated herbal liquids that use vinegar, glycerin, or water to extract properties from the herbs.

Do I need to refrigerate my tinctures?

Nope! All of our products are shelf stable.

What is the expiration date?

The expiration date can be found on the bottle, it is based on its manufacturing date. We do not use any preservatives so our tinctures usually have about 18 months post manufacturing.

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What Is Your Shipping Policy?

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Do You Ship Internationally?

We ship internationally via PERCUP. You can find our products here