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Find the herbal remedy that's right for you


We are committed to providing you with the highest quality plant medicine.

Here at Drink Symbi, we are dedicated to providing wellness products of the highest quality. From how we formulate our products to our testing protocol, we have an unwavering commitment to creating products you can trust and rely on.

Environmental Commitment

  • We use 100% plastic-free and naturally biodegradable mailers made with up-cycled paper.
  • Our mailers are made with 20% post-consumer waste that has been diverted from landfills
  • Our mailers consist of upcycled newspaper that is macerated and sandwiched between recycled kraft paper.
  • Our herbal tea packaging is 100% compostable, OWS certified.
  • Every single farmer we work with completes a eco-friendly survey to make sure we align on our environmental beliefs.
  • Our farmers use crop rotation and natural water sources which supports soil fertility while supporting the local ecosystem.

This is the Symbi Commitment:

  • We always chose the ingredient form with the highest absorption rate.
  • We always use ethically harvested ingredients, harvested at the peak potency time.
  • We always test our products amongst a team of specialists.
  • We always third party test to assure purity and safety.
  • We always make environmentally conscientious decisions when it comes to everything from our office to product manufacturing to packaging.
  • We never use additives, fillers, or artificial sweeteners.
  • We never sell a product unless we are 100% sure that the market needs it.