Welcome to Symbi.

We are a woman-run, mission driven company that believes in naturopathic health and herbal medicine as a form of healing. We're passionate about creating blends that benefit your mind, body, and soul. And we are glad you're here.

about symbi

Our story

What started as a personal passion project, lead to a full-fledged brand. When I was little my dad became extremely sick with a liver disease. Traditional, western medicine did not work so he turned to herbal medicine. Through months of research, he was able to find herbs that worked to literally rejuvenate his liver.

Years later when I became severely sick with multiple autoimmune diseases, I quickly turned to herbs as well. I went from pain-filled nights, tear-filled days, and hospital visit after hospital visit to living a healthy life. And not just a moderately one.

The kind where you wake up each morning, excited, feeling happy and energized. I went from being able to eat few foods to having not a single food sensitivity. From sleeping 14 hours a day to getting 7 each night and feeling energized day-after-day.

My PCOS symptoms went away, my need for an endometriosis surgery disappeared, my gut-health issues balanced out, and my hormones balanced.

As a holistic nutritionist, I've helped dozens of family members, friends, and clients find this form of healing as well. I can't promise that herbs alone will heal you, but when paired with positive life-style changes, this form of medicine is my favorite.

I created Symbi to share and promote the transformative powers of plants. I am excited for you to give it a try. :)

With gratitude,

Lindsay Fuce
Founder & CEO

Why the Name 'Symbi?'

We pulled Symbi from the modern word symbiosis, which originally comes from the Greek word symbiōsis, meaning "state of living together." Our mission is to make health both accessible and easy for everyone.