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Find the herbal remedy that's right for you

Welcome to Symbi.

We are a woman-run, mission driven company that believes in naturopathic health and herbal medicine as a form of healing. We're passionate about creating blends that benefit your mind, body, and soul. And we are glad you're here.

Why the Name 'Symbi?'

We pulled Symbi from the modern word symbiosis, which originally comes from the Greek word symbiōsis, meaning "state of living together." Our mission is to make health both accessible and easy for everyone.

About the Founder

Symbi was founded by herbalist Lindsay Etemadipour (known as @wellnesswithlinds on social media) in the Summer of 2021 after years of sharing about herbalism online. After spending the first twenty years of her life battling with a variety of autoimmune diseases and chronic conditions, she sought out alternative options, eventually stumbling upon herbal medicine. 

It took time, but eventually she was able to find the healing she had been searching for her entire life. And now she spends her days running Symbi, gardening, experimenting with sourdough, and hanging out with her little family. 

If you want to learn more about Lindsay, you can check out this Youtube video