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Kidney Support Tea And It's Benefits

Kidney Support Tea And It's Benefits

Introducing the Kidney Blend 🌱

One of our most requested blends. Includes a variety of herbs that support your elimination channels, keep your fluid balance in check, and not to mention support your lymphatic system.

For this blend we are using some of our favs! Marshmallow root, hibiscus, parsley, burdock, horsetail, and dandelion leaves.


Burdock Root

Latin Name: Arctium lappa

Actions: Antibacterial, Anti-inflammation, Anti-tumor, Anti-fungal, Antimutagenic, Antioxidant, Antipyretic, Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Hypoglycemic

Energetics: Cooling and moistening

Details: Burdock root is often overlooked as a weed, but carries so many powerful properties with it. This root is a powerful detoxifier, it’s skin-clearing, blood-cleansing, and fluid-balancing. This is often used to help assist the body in elimination, and is super helpful when it comes to bloating.

Studies also show that Burdock effectively helps detox the blood, while increasing circulation of the skin as well [PMID: 20981575].

Dandelion Leaf

Latin Name: Taraxacum officinale

Actions: Diuretic, bitter and choleric

Energetics: Drying and cooling

Details: The dandelion plant has unfortunately gotten a bad rep, but it is truly a powerful plant — and extremely easy to grow! It’s natural diuretic that helps the kidney excrete waste and excess water. This plant helps increase microbial growth within the urinary system, which helps prevents UTIs. It also supports whole-body health due to its antioxidant and phytonutrient contents.


Latin Name: Hibiscus sabdariffa

Actions: demulcent, diuretic, immunomodulating

Energetics: cooling, moistening ****

Details: Hibiscus not only tastes lovely, and produces a beautiful color, but it is extremely supportive in many ways. It is packed with anti-oxidants, and has been used for centuries to support skin health [PMID: 21314460], but also fights bacteria and lowers blood fat levels [PMID: 19678781]. Hibiscus is also a natural diuretic, which helps promote urine production, excreting toxins and waste.


Latin Name: Equisetum arvense

Actions: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, diuretic, and astringent actions

Energetics: cooling, drying

Details: Horsetail has been used to treat urinary tract infections for thousands of years. Its diuretic properties have been known to even help with severe kidney issues like the formation of kidney stones. This herb is also known for its effects on the hair, skin, and nails due to its high silica content. This silica content also assists your body with the elimination of heavy metals.

Marshmallow Root

Latin Name: althaea officinalis

Actions: astringent, diuretic, lithotriptic, emollient, demulcent, mucilant

Energetics: cooling and moistening

Details: Marshmallow root has been used fro thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments from coughs to bacterial infections, and even things like joint pain. It also be extremely helpful for those that are dealing with kidney issues. The herb works as a powerful diuretic, helping with fluid retention, edema, and excess bloating. Diuretics work by helping flush out any excess fluid your body may be holding onto. This action may work to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder as well. It also has an antibacterial effect, which can help in particular with UTIs [PMID: 25949951].


Latin Name: petroselinum crispum

Actions: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, carminative**,** diuretic, emmenagogue

Energetics: close to neutral, slightly warming

Details: Known as a cooking herb, parsley includes antioxidant flavonoids, phenolic compounds, and carotenoids that make it a medicinal option as well. Parsley has been long-used in the Mediterranean regions as an anti-bacterial [PMID: 19919287], treating bladder infections, and getting rid of excessive bloating and water retention. It is a natural diuretic so that is why it helps relieve things like bloat and fluid retention [PMID: 11849841]. It also has been shown that it may decrease “urinary calcium excretion, increasing urinary pH, dieresis, decreasing urinary protein excretion and via its nephroprtective activity,” [PMID: 29181438].

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