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Sweet Dreams Tea

Sweet Dreams Tea

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Benefits: Sleep Support, Stress Support

Flavors: Refreshing and minty

Recommended Consumption: 1 cup daily, up to 3 cups a day

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QAI Certified Organic

Handmade Tea Blends

Biodegradable Packaging

Inside the Blend

Matricaria recutita

Chamomile Flowers

Anti-inflammatory herb that soothes the body.

Cymbopogon citratus


Anti-inflammatory properties that reduce chronic inflammation.

Melissa officinalis

Lemon Balm

Regulates the nervous system.

Crataegus monogyna L.


Promotes relaxation in the body.

Valeriana officinalis

Valerian Root

Relaxes the nervous system.

Mentha spicata


Reduces stress, soothes the body.